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Craig Simchuk and Kevin Kerr sign multi-year deal with the Bulls

By Birmingham Bulls

The Birmingham Bulls have signed Head Coach Craig Simchuk and Associate Head Coach (in charge of player development), Kevin Kerr to multi-year contract extensions.

"We are excited to have the strongest set of Coaches in the league remain “intact” for the future and look forward to their continued winning traditions,” said Kurt Dinga, Governor of the Birmingham Bulls.

“We are looking forward to their leadership in continuing to build and grow this already great franchise, “ added Chris Early, Managing Partner. 

For the past two seasons, the dynamic duo Coaching staff has compiled 75 wins in 116 games. Last year, the Birmingham Bulls won their first regular season championship in team history, receiving the William b. Coffee Trophy.  


“After 22 years in Birmingham, we finally got the goal of winning a regular season championship for our town”, said Joe Stroud, President.  “With last season 38-18 atop the standings in the SPHL, we have reached one goal, now it is time to bring the President's Cup to Birmingham."

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