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Mayhem Stampeded by the Birmingham Bulls

By Zack Smith

The Macon Mayhem would host the Birmingham Bulls at the Macon Coliseum for the first time this season.

Drake Glover would open the scoring for Birmingham. Troy MacTavish would double the advantage soon after. Former Mayhem player Brian Bowen would then grab a three-goal lead for the Bulls. Jimmy Poreda would get the hook, and Josh Boyko would come in to replace him. Drake Glover would grab another goal to make 4-0 Bulls heading into the break.

Twenty-five seconds into the middle frame, Drake Glover would cap off his hat trick. Taylor Brierley would snag another for the visitors to make it 6-0. Macon would batten down the hatches from there and not allow another goal the rest of the way. Macon’s Alex Laplante would bury home a rebounded shot from Alex Cohen to break up the shutout.

The third period would be defined by defense and goaltending for Macon. Boyko would turn away shot after shot, stopping 40/43 in relief. Dan Winslow went diving in the goal crease to save one of his own with under five minutes to play to show that this Macon squad has a whole lot of fight in them.

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